Vision360 B2C MiNi

Standard Output

Vision360-B2C MiNi is designed for diamond’s retail industry known as B2C trade, where buyers are more concern about diamonds appearance and beauty. This advanced software based system for High volume polished diamonds 360º imaging with interactive online View with Inbuilt multiple eye-catching diamond views.

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Robust Design

Designed with consideration of lower maintance and longer work periord.

*Focus Stacking (Optional)

Powerful & automatic technique for fully focused diamond Still Image with great clarity.

Different Diamond Views

The system is able to generate four different diamond views for diamond consumers.

Actual Colour

A blend of high-quality uniform indirect lighting with UV content (optional) & colour correction profile delivers an actual colour.

Multi Color Background

360° diamond image can be scanned with supplied Black, Grey & White colour (practically with any colours) backgrounds.

Fast & Semi Automatic

The fastest photo speed is 0.4 sec /Image. Thus, within 2 minutes file is ready for sharing.


Platorm (Mac, Window, Android, iOS) Independent system with multiple output formats such as JavaScript, HTML & Mp4.

0.40 to 100 Ct.Size

The system is able to scan rough & polish diamonds between 0.40 to 100 Ct.


The B2C Mini has one of the best features of multiple diamond viewing including brilliance view, fire view, face-up view, and sparkle view. Designed and developed considering the retailers, this system imparts the finest productivity and consistency for its users and viewers. With a perfect blend of technologies, B2C Mini is a system designed completely for the consumers as they are more concerned about beauty, appearance, and design.

Fire 360 View
Face-Up 45 View
Sparkle 45 View


Not only diamonds, but one can get the best viewing experience of the fancy stones with the help of ourspecially developed eye- clean view that help in easily understanding of inclusion with customized magnification with the real world. This helps to avoid any misinterpretation about the inclusion position and size in a magnified view; giving the consumers the best viewing experience.


As this system is developed focusing on the retailers, we have developed a structure that is more user-friendly; a system that gives a perfect way of evaluation to consumers, i.e., clarity, accuracy, and consistency of the gemstone. Whether it is the development of a structure or the integration of new software, this product is the outcome of the assessment and reaction received from the consumers.

Two axis movement stage design

Vision360 B2C stage is designed in such way that it can replicate the viewer pattern itself inside the machine. You will be able to move diamond in two axes and by doing this you can set an exact datum view with adjusting the crown angle for your diamond view.

B2B MiNI 5.0

B2B MiNI 4.0



Type of object can be scanned for 360° view

Diamonds only
Diamonds only
Diamond & Gemstones
Diamond , Gemstones, Jewellery & Wrist Watch

Maximum scanning Size in 360° view

35mm Max
55mm Max
55mm Max
70 mm Max

Technical Specification

500 mm (L) x 250 mm (W) x 620 mm (H)
610 mm (L) x 185 mm (W) x 225mm (H)
478 mm (L) x 209 mm (W) x 558 mm (H)
610 mm (L) x 260 mm (W) x 640 mm (H)
Weight - 20 Kg
Weight - 12 Kg
Weight - 18 Kg
Weight - 30 Kg





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