Vision360 B2B MiNi 5.0

Standard Output

Face-up Image
Dark-Field Image
Heart Pattern Image
Arrow Pattern Image
IDEAL Scope Image
Fluorescence Image
Inscription Image
Color View

B2B MiNi 5.0 is the most awaited and comprehensive diamond photography system which does not only cover the diamond's 360° appearance but also covers Diamond’s Optical Performance Images (DOPI) which reveal brilliance, fire & scintillation characteristics of the diamond. Moreover, dark-field & fluorescence images encourage your customer to understand additional properties which effect diamond price. Further to laser inscriptions image will add transparency in the trade and protecting the buyer from fraud.

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Versatile Concept

First in a class system which offers “360° view” with multiple “Diamond Optical Performance (DOP) Images”.

Robust & Modular Design

Robust as its predecessors with modular concept with easily replaceable parts for manageable & fast repair.


Designed with consideration of space saving and featured transportable purpose with easy & fast assembly

Actual Colour

A blend of high-quality uniform indirect lighting with UV content (optional) & colour correction profile delivers an actual colour.

MultiColor Background

360° diamond image can be scanned with supplied Black, Grey & White colour (practically with any colours) backgrounds.

Fast & Semi Automatic

It's designed to scan diamond in 360° View with 08 Nos. of DOP images within 07 to 09 minutes* which is fastest in its class.


Platform (Mac, Window, Android, iOS) Independent system with multiple output formats such as JavaScript, HTML & Mp4.

0.10 to 50 Ct. Size

It's able to 360° scan rough & polish diamonds between 0.10 to 50 Ct. & for DOP images size range is 0.10 to 25 Ct.

Face-up Image

Face-up Image is the high-quality steady face-up photo of the diamond, which simulates to under office light appearance of a diamond in which you can easily check diamond's overall cut symmetry, Inclusion location & light refraction in form of its brilliance.

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H&A Scope Image

Heart & Arrow is a depiction of the diamond’s supreme symmetrical (due to its cut) features. It consists of eight hearts and eight arrows that can be seen in a diamond of superb cut quality, it's a first in this segment. With this feature you don’t need to buy another system for taking H & A images of Diamond because It’s inbuilt feature in this system.

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AGS ASET® Scope Image

The American Gem Society (AGS) ASET® works with the Angular Spectrum to display and you evaluate the optical performance of the diamonds. Only a diamond that reflects a lot of light back to you will be a diamond full of brilliance, fire and scintillation. It’s inbuilt feature in latest Vision360 B2B MiNi 5.0.

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IDEAL Scope Image

IDEAL scope photo can tell you a lot about where the light is leaking in a diamond and how much light a diamond will actually reflect back to you. Only a diamond that reflects a lot of light back to you will be a diamond full of brilliance, fire and scintillation. It’s inbuilt feature in latest Vision360 B2B MiNi 5.0

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Fluorescence Image

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a diamond when exposed to ultraviolet radia on of specific wavelengths. Generally, as per industry practice, Fluorescence grades are usually from 'None' to 'Very Strong' and it effect on diamond’s lustre and pricing.

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Laser Inscription Image

Laser inscription is a combination of letters and numbers etched in a diamond, most often on the stone’s girdle. These symbols serve as a unique ID that helps to identify a particular stone if needed. Diamonds are usually laser inscribed by the grading lab at which they are certified.

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Dark Field Image

It is used to examine diamond’s “clarity characteristics” or ‘ “inclusions” that either invisible in the exterior light, cannot be stained by standard methods, or are so distorted by staining that their characteristics then cannot be identified. This interior lighting arrangement makes it easier to see the stone’s interior & surface inclusions that can be very important for its characterisation of an inclusions.

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The software enhancement and changes are based on the customer’s feedback since 2013. The data integration parallel saving paths and many other features are developed for the diamond cutting units. With Vision360, the analyst can create own master job profile which allows them to keep an eye on their daily work. When the analyst fix a setting for daily work in the so ware, they can save this setting for future work; reducing their task of daily setting the software.

B2B MiNI 5.0

B2B MiNI 4.0



Type of object can be scanned for 360° view

Diamonds only
Diamonds only
Diamond & Gemstones
Diamond , Gemstones, Jewellery & Wrist Watch

Maximum scanning Size in 360° view

35mm Max
55mm Max
55mm Max
70 mm Max

Technical Specification

Dimensions 500 mm (L) x
250 mm (W) x 620 mm (H)
Dimensions 610 mm (L) x
185 mm (W) x 225mm (H)
Dimensions 478 mm (L) x
209 mm (W) x 558 mm (H)
Dimensions 610 mm (L) x
260 mm (W) x 640 mm (H)
Weight - 20 Kg
Weight - 12 Kg
Weight - 18 Kg
Weight - 30 Kg





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